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Petrea volubilis * Sandpaper Vine, Queen's Wreath Vine

Petrea volubilis is an interesting vine for its leaves as well as the flowers.  I saw this first in its native Mexico and was intrigued by the Sandpaper textured leaves.  It is sometimes called Queen's Wreath, Sandpaper Vine, Purple Wreath, or Blue Bird Vine.  It is hardy into the high 20°s F but not much colder.  Petrea volubilis will take heavy drought once established and blooms in the late summer with long lasting tresses of purple to white flowers.  This makes it kind of the opposite of Wisteria.  The Petrea blooms hang in much the same way with a similar color.

High resolution photos of Petrea volubilis are part of our garden image collection.

Petrea volubilis, Sandpaper Vine 

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