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Dorycnium hirsutum ~ Hairy Canary Clover, Gray Broom (syn. Lotus hirsutus)

The soft gray foliage of Dorycnium hirsutum would be enough reason to plant the Hairy Canary Clover. I chose it on that basis. Then I had the pleasant surprise of finding the white-fading to pink flowers in the late Spring through Summer. Hairy Canary Clover gets to 18" tall and 4' across. Dorycnium hirsutum is hardy to the mid teens to low 20°s F. The flowers fade away and don't need to be trimmed off. Dorycnium hirsutum has been a great low maintenance plant. And there are always a few Hairy Canary Clover seedlings to pass about each year.

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Dorycnium hirsutum, Hairy Canary Clover 

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