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Healing Garden with Fountain

This fountain is a centerpiece to a hospital courtyard and healing garden. The surrounding wall of the fountain was built with rolled bricks at a comfortable height of 18" so that older people would not have trouble rising if they chose this as a place to sit. Safety is a high concern in this healing garden. The water is only about 4" deep. The rest is filled with gravel. In the corners there are planter boxes that hold water lilies and Iris pseudocorus. The boxes are placed so that the ruckus caused by the falling water will not damage the leaves. There are a number of Koi and goldfish. The patients keep close tabs on them. The alcove holds a small cherub reading a book. There are a wide variety of non-toxic perennials in the surrounding beds including yarrow, rose campion, sedge, lavender, and a number of roses.  All were chosen because of their bright colors and low toxicity. The trees are the Tulip or Saucer Magnolia and are spectacular when in full bloom. One of my most satisfying moments was watching the attention that this feature attracted as it was turned on and then the reactions as they watched it. It has become one of the most heavily used portions of the landscape.

StJOS Fountain2 c.jpg