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Viola hederacea - Ivy Leaf Violet

Viola hederacea is a plant of many names. Taxonomists have recently renamed it Viola banksii, probably because that is what Joseph Banks called it a century and a half ago. Plant names at nurseries have a large amount of inertia. It takes awhile for all of the botanists to catch up. But it will take years for the nurseries to catch up if they even want to. Common names that allude to this Violet's Australian native origins include: Native Violet, Australian Violet, Tasmanian Violet, and Brisbane Violet. Common names that work off the Latin name use ivy. Regardless this is a great plant in the garden. Viola hederacea blooms with white and purple flowers Spring into Summer. Viola hederacea prefers a moist environment and will gradually spread its runners through the irrigated zone. I have used it in walkways between stepping stones and in shaded as well as sunny gardens for a groundcover. Viola hederacea will overrun slow growing rock garden plants but is quite compatible with more upright plants. Viola hederacea is hardy until temperatures dip below the mid 20°s F. Viola hederacea  roots as it runs and is easily divided to spread to other parts of the garden.

Viola hederacea, Ivy Leaf Violet

Purple and white flowers of Viola hederacea - Ivy Leaf Violet. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.