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Typha domingensis - Southern Cattail

Typha domingensis or Southern Cattail is at home in the pond or bog. The flowering stalks are great as cut flowers so long as you catch them before they burst. Even then they are quite spectacular, but messy. This Cattail will grow to 8 feet tall and can form dense stands. In a small pond setting this can be a real issue as Typha domingensis can dominate a small pond in just a few seasons if left to its own devices. Drought or frost will turn the leaves brown. Cut them to the ground once the Fall novelty wears off and before the next crop of green leaves gets going in the late winter or early spring. Watch for runners as Typha domingensis can spread 4-10 feet in each direction at a single bound. With a modicum of care this is a great and stalwart plant for the water garden, just don't turn your back on it.

Typha domingensis, Southern Cattail

- Typha domingensis - Southern Cattail. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.