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Tropaeolum minus Black Velvet - Black Velvet Nasturtium

Tropaeolum minus Black Velvet is a dwarf Nasturtium with deep red flowers and silvery pale leaves. The Black Velvet Nasturtium grows 8-12" tall in sun or shade. Our Black Velvet Nasturtiums plants bloom from late Spring through to frost. The Black Velvet Nasturtiums can naturalize in the shade of other plants or with additional water grow in full sun near the coast. Removing the spent blooms encourages more blooms but will limit seed production. Black Velvet Nasturtium is a good companion plant for Citrus trees helping to shade the soil, attract aphids and provide mulch as they perish. The dwarf Nasturtium varieties are tidy enough for a fastidious garden. The flowers, seed and leaves are all edible.

Tropaeolum minus Black Velvet, Black Velvet Dwarf Nasturtium

Deep red flowers of Tropaeolum minus Black Velvet - Black Velvet Dwarf Nasturtium. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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