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Stokesia laevis Blue Danube - Blue Danube Stokes Aster

Stokesia laevis Blue Danube grows full sun and high shade. Stokes Aster foliage looks a lot better with a little protection from the mid-day sun. Near the coast Stokesia Blue Danube will like a sunny spot in the garden. The blue flowers are a wonderfully lacy texture and large compared to the size of the plant. The outsized flowers make a great impact. Stokes Aster grows to about 18" tall. Stokesia Blue Danube blooms in the late spring. The Painted Lady, Gray Hairstreak, Great Purple Hairstreak, White Checkered Skipper, Northern White Skipper, Mormon Metalmark, and Variable Checkerspot will likely drop by for a sip of nectar if they are around.

Stokesia Blue Danube

Blue flowers of - Stokesia Blue Danube - Stokes Aster. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.