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Scaevola aemola Blue Wonder - Fairy Fan Flower

Scaevola Blue Wonder is a perennial near the coast and in the banana belt of the inland valleys but can be treated as an annual in many locations. The Fairy Fan Flower is only Winter hardy to 32 degrees. But what a show and a color that is very blue with just a hint of violet. Scaevola Blue Wonder is a prolific bloomer with blue flowers from early Spring through to frost. New blooms can be encouraged by trimming off the long tendrils. This Fairy Fan Flower cultivar is an excellent hanging basket plant if it gets regular water. As a ground cover plant reasonable drainage is required. Heat is a plus as long as the plants are irrigated enough, though several root rot problems crop up if there is too much water. There is still some controversy over patents and synonyms, but from a gardener's perspective, Scaevola Blue Wonder by what ever name is an excellent plant.

Scaevola Blue Wonder, Fairy Fan Flower

Blue fan shaped flowers of Scaevola Blue Wonder - Fairy Fan Flower. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.