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Rumex sanguineus - Bloody Dock

Rumex sanguineus has proven itself resilient and hardy enough to be worthy of my garden. In our garden it is the hot Summers and water-miserly gardener that are the culprit. Once the good times return so does the Bloody Dock. I have grown the Red Veined Dock is a mostly shady location, trying to keep the moisture level and the light and heat in balance. Each Winter Rumex sanguineus comes back to show me that I did just well enough. The Red Veined Dock blooms in Summer, but the small white flowers are best cut off as this makes the plant spindly. The youngest leaves are edible. Rumex sanguineus is Winter hardy to well below 0° F.

Rumex sanguineus, Bloody Dock

Red variegated foliage of Rumex sanguineus - Bloody Dock, Red Veined Dock. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.