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Rhodohypoxis baurii - Rose Grass

Rhodohypoxis baurii is more than a little finicky in the garden. But if you can find or create the right conditions Rhodohypoxis baurii will reward more than adequately. Rhodohypoxis baurii grow 3-4" tall from rhizomes. The plants are Winter deciduous and prefer to stay pretty dry while they are dormant. Some folks leave the pots on their sides through the winter. Rhodohypoxis baurii produces fragrant pink flowers in early Spring in our area and will continue into early Summer. Rhodohypoxis baurii needs great drainage, regular moisture (except during the Winter) at least half day sun, preferably more. This bright pink flowered Rose Grass is the cultivar Glitterbug. Rhodohypoxis baurii is hardy into the single digits.

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Rhodohypoxis baurii

Hot pink flowers and foliage of Rhodohypoxis baurii - Rose Grass. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.