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Rhapis excelsa - Lady Palm

Rhapis excelsa is a good palm for a container or for a smaller garden. The Lady Palm is often used as a house plant. Rhapis excelsa is a native of China. The Lady Palm was introduce into US horticulture in the 60's and often used in Japanese Gardens. Rhapis excelsa is hardy into the mid-20°s F. These palms are surprisingly resilient when forgotten in the landscape. They will persist even when in a very dry environment, though they do appreciate a drink. Rhapis excelsa spreads by runners and will form a clump that can be readily divided. If the lower fronds are removed from the Lady Palm the fiber wrapped trunks can be seen. These trunks with their leaf scars can add a nice textural element to the garden.

Rhapis excelsa, Lady Palm

A modest clump of small palms - Rhapis excelsa - Lady Palm. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.