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Protea magnifica - Queen Protea

The Queen Protea is a cut flower wonder. The red flowers last for a very long time and look great in dried flower arrangements as well. Protea magnifica will become a large shrub, growing to 8-10 feet tall and wide. There are both pink and white cultivars available. The Queen Protea is susceptible to frost and is tender when temperatures dip into the mid-20°'s. Protea magnifica is one of those with lignotubers that allow regrowth even when the top is killed entirely. This is a fire adaptation that also works well with frost. The Queen Protea flowers are formed on second year wood and the plants hold their leaves for as much as 3 years so providing a good climate is important for having good looking plants. Protea magnifica also requires good drainage and will not do well in gardens that are boggy in the Spring.

Queen Protea, Protea magnifica

Giant red flower of Protea magnifica - Queen Protea. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.