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Polystichum munitum ~ Western Sword Fern

Polystichum munitum is near it's Southern range limit in Southern California. The Western Sword Fern requires a moderately moist site with regular misting to survive the Summer in good form. Polystichum munitum is fairly drought tolerant if planted in the shade and does well creeping out from under sizeable rocks. The Western Sword Fern may go Summer deciduous when times get tough. Polystichum munitum fits in a streamside setting but will need to be planted well above the waterline. The Western Sword Fern grows 1-2 feet in our area and needs reasonably well drained sites. The Western Sword Fern is quite frost tolerant

Polystichum munitum, Western Sword Fern

Fronds between streamside rocks Polystichum munitum - Western Sword Fern. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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