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Plumeria celadine - Frangipani - Gray Hairstreak

Plumeria Celadine has beautiful fragrant white flowers with a pale yellow center during the late Summer and into Fall. The flowers are strongly fragrant with a hint of lemon. This Gray Hairstreak must have noticed the fragrance. The Monarch Butterfly adults are also frequent visitors to Plumeria Flowers. Plumeria Celadine flowers fade from almost all yellow to white on the outside. Plumeria Celadine needs a warm spot in the garden with regular moisture and good drainage. Plumeria Celadine is not very Frost tolerant and will suffer when temperatures dip below 28-32°F for any significant period. Plumeria Celadine can be propagated by cuttings. I cut off 6" sections and let them scab over for a day or two before sticking them in a light potting soil. Cactus mix works well. An incandescent string of christmas lights and a sheet can help Plumeria Celadine endure a cold night. Placing the pot or planting your Frangipani near a reflective south facing wall with overhanging eaves helps Plumeria Celadine a survive marginal gardens in cooler climates.

Plumeria Celadine, Gray Hairstreak, Frangipani

White Flowers with yellow centers - Plumeria Celadine - Frangipani, and a Gray Hairstreak loves it too. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.