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Phyla nodiflora - Lippia

Phyla nodiflora works well as a lawn substitute in areas that bees are not a problem. Phyla nodiflora grows in emergent wetlands. There are a host of other common names including Turkey Tangle Frog Fruit, Fog Fruit and Mat Grass. Locally I have only found Phyla nodiflora tagged as Lippia. Lippia uses significantly less water than a lawn. Lippia grows a few inches tall and spreads by surface runners that root as they run. Phyla nodiflora blooms with pink flowers held close to the foliage Spring and Summer. Lippia is tolerant of light shade but will not bloom much in the shade and tends to get a little sparse. Phyla nodiflora does not require mowing, though it will require edging to keep it from invading other areas and mounding over rocks. Lippia is a larval food for crescent butterflies and is a great addition to the butterfly garden. Lippia is a strong bee attractor. Use carefully near pools and places where too much bee activity is a problem. As a low growing plant Phyla nodiflora is good for the fire resistant garden. Phyla nodiflora is Winter hardy to the mid-teens and likely below.

Phyla nodiflora, Lippia

Pink and yellow flowers of Phyla nodiflora - Lippia. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.