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Pedicularis groenlandica - Elephant's Head

Pedicularis groenlandica is a perennial with pink flowers that have an appendage that resembles the trunk of an elephant. Pedicularis groenlandica is a root parasite, primarily of the Owls Clovers, Paintbrush and Daisy family. This makes it difficult to grow Elephant's Head as a garden plant. You would need to have an appropriate host plant for Pedicularis groenlandica to grow with as well as the proper boggy soil conditions. This specimen was found in a South facing seep at 5000 feet in elevation in the Southern Sierra range. Odd plants get included in seed packets, often with little or no hope of establishment. On the other hand Pedicularis groenlandica should be cherished all the more in its wild setting and those habitat's that support Elephant's Head should be protected. Pedicularis groenlandica has a history of medicinal use.

Pedicularis groenlandica, Elephant's Head

Pink flowers of Pedicularis groenlandica - Elephant's Head. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.