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Pale Tiger Swallowtail - Papilio eurymedon

The Pale Tiger Swallowtail can be in our California gardens from Spring into early Summer. The adults come to a variety of nectar rich flowers, and are often seen around Butterfly Bushes. The Pale Tiger Swallowtail caterpillars feed on plants in the rose family, ceanothus family and California Ash. Pale Tiger Swallowtail butterflies can often been found sipping water from damp sand on the edges of streams or ponds.

Pale Tiger Swallowtail, Papilio eurymedon

Top view of a Pale Tiger Swallowtail resting on a hedge. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

Plants that attract the Pale Tiger Swallowtail featured on this site:
Buddleia Black Knight * Black Knight Butterfly Bush
Buddleia Blue Ribbon * Blue Ribbon Butterfly Bush
Buddleia Color Crush * Color Crush Butterfly Bush
Buddleia Harlequin * Harlequin Variegated Butterfly Bush
Buddleia Lochinch * Lochinch Butterfly Bush
Buddleia Miss Molly * Miss Molly Butterfly Bush
Buddleia Nanho Purple * Nanho Purple Butterfly Bush
Buddleia Pink Delight * Pink Delight Butterfly Bush
Buddleia White Profusion * White Profusion Butterfly Bush
Buddleia lindleyana * Weeping Butterfly Bush
Buddleia marrubifolia * Woolly Butterfly Bush
Buddleia weyeriana Honeycomb * Honeycomb Butterfly Bush
Ceanothus Anchor Bay * Point Reyes California Lilac
Ceanothus burtonensis Far Horizons * Far Horizons California Lilac
Ceanothus Centennial * Centennial California Lilac
Ceanothus Concha * Concha California Lilac
Ceanothus crassifolius * Hoary Ceanothus
Ceanothus Dark Star * Dark Star California Lilac
Ceanothus Frosty Dawn * Frosty Dawn California Lilac
Ceanothus greggii * Desert Ceanothus
Ceanothus Gentian Plume * Gentian Plume California Lilac
Ceanothus hearstiorum * Hearst's California Lilac
Ceanothus Joan Mirov * Joan Mirov California Lilac
Ceanothus Joyce Coulter * Joyce Coulter California Lilac
Ceanothus megacarpus * Big Pod California Lilac
Ceanothus Point Sierra * Point Sierra California Lilac
Ceanothus Ray Hartman * Ray Hartman California Lilac
Ceanothus rigidus Sierra Snow * Monterey Ceanothus
Ceanothus Snow Flurry * Snow Flurry California Lilac
Ceanothus oliganthus sorediatus * Jim Brush, Hairy Ceanothus
Ceanothus spinosus * Greenbark Ceanothus, Redheart California Lilac
Ceanothus Tassajara Blue * Tassajara Blue California Lilac
Ceanothus Valley Violet * Valley Violet Maritime California Lilac
Ceanothus Wheeler Canyon * Wheeler Canyon California Lilac
Ceanothus Yankee Point * Yankee Point California Lilac
Centranthus ruber * Red Valerian, Jupiter's Beard
Cirsium occidentale * Cobwebby Thistle
Delphinium occidentalis * Duncecap Larkspur, Western Larkspur
Delphinium patens * Zizag Larkspur, Spreading Larkspur
Fraxinus dipetala * California Ash
Eriodictyon crassifolium * Felt Leaved Yerba Santa
Eriodictyon tomentosum * Woolly Yerba Santa
Erysimum Apricot Twist * Apricot Twist Wallflower
Erysimum Bowles Mauve * Bowles Mauve Wallflower, Purple Wallflower
Erysimum capitatum * Western Wallflower, Sand Dune Wallflower
Erysimum Jenny Brook * Jenny Brook Wallflower
Erysimum linifolium variegatum * Variegated Wallflower
Heteromeles arbutifolia * Toyon
Holodiscus discolor * Cream Bush
Malacothamnus clementinus * San Clemente Bush Mallow
Malacothamnus davidsonii * Davidson's Bush Mallow
Malacothamnus densiflorus * Yellow Stem Bush Mallow
Malacothamnus fasciculatus * Chaparral Bush Mallow
Malvaviscus arboreus * Turks Cap
Prunus ilicifolia * Holly Leaf Cherry
Prunus ilicifolia lyonii * Catalina Cherry
Rhamnus californica * Coffeeberry
Rhamnus crocea * Redberry
Rosa californica * California Wild Rose
Rosa minutifolia * Baja Rose, Littleleaf Rose
Verbena bonariensis * Purpletop Vervain
Verbena lilacina De La Mina
Verbena lilacina Paseo Rancho
Verbena rigida