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Oscularia deltoides - Pink Iceplant

Oscularia deltoides is a low sprawling succulent. The Pink Iceplant is good for a dry hot bed, and looks great trailing over walls. Oscularia deltoides also does well in partial day sun or high shade. Oscularia deltoides grows 6 inches to a foot tall and spreads two feet or more. The fragrant pink flowers bloom in late Spring through the Summer. Oscularia deltoides requires decent drainage, grows great in full sun, and starts to get sparse and leggy in any more than light shade. Oscularia deltoides is Winter hardy into the high to mid teens.

Oscularia deltoides, Pink Iceplant

Pink flowers of Oscularia deltoides - Pink Iceplant. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

Oscularia deltoides, Pink Iceplant

Succulent silver foliage and pink flowers of Oscularia deltoides - Pink Iceplant.