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Monardella odoratissima - Mountain Monardella, Desert Mint

Monardella odoratissima is an herbaceous perennial growing to 2 feet tall. The Mountain Monardella grows from the chapparal up into the pine forests primarily in the Sierras and into Northern California. The Mountain Monardella blooms with pink flowers Spring through to Fall. Monardella odoratissima seems best placed where plants get shade during part of the day. I have usually seen Mondardella odoratissima growing on South facing slopes tucked under another shrub or where it gets a little mid-day or afternoon shade from a rock or tree. Mountain Monardella is edible. Nibbling on a leaf is a pleasant distraction from while on a long hike. I like to allow the Mountain Monardella to trail over a wall or rock. Monardella odoratissima is a nectar source for a number of butterflies including: Red Admiral, Monarch Butterfly, Swallowtail, Painted Lady, California Dogface, Mournful Duskywing, Northern White Skipper, and the White Checkered Skipper. This plant will be a center of attention in a Butterfly Garden. Monardella odoratissima blooms from Spring through frost.

Monardella odoratissima, Mountain Monardella, Desert Mint

Pink flowers and foliage of Monardella odoratissima - Mountain Monardella, Desert Mint. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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