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Monarda didyma - Bee Balm, Bergamont, Oswego Tea

Monarda didyma, or Bee Balm is native to the Eastern Seaboard. This perennial has often been selected for the perennial garden or the medicinal garden. Monarda didyma grows in moist well drained soil and seems to prefer a more acidic water source than we usually get here in Southern California. So it will take a little more work to make Monarda didyma really perform here. Heavy mulching and regular watering will be a must. And depending on your water quality your soil may require some regular acidifcation. I do that with gypsum, sulfur pellets, manure tea or a humic acid product like Humax. Monarda didyma performs nicely in the Bay area and points north if given adequate water. Monarda didyma grows 3-4 feet tall and rewards us with red flowers late in the season. Monarda attracts the White Checkered Skipper Northern White Skipper, and Frittilary Butterflies.

Monarda didyma, Bee Balm, Bergamont, Oswego Tea

Photo of Monarda didyma - Bee Balm, Bergamont, Oswego Tea. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.