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Mandevilla suaveolens - Chilean Jasmine

I site Mandevilla suaveolens carefully in the garden. Chilean jasmine seems to grow best on an east facing wall. The white flowers of Mandevilla suaveolens have heavenly fragrance without getting too overpowering. This tropical vine very much deserves its place in my garden but it does have some flaws. Mandevilla suaveolens is Winter deciduous and for a long time Chilean jasmine just looks like dead twigs. Mandevilla suaveolens is a little tender so I put it up on the side of the house under the eaves. Each winter Mandevilla suavolens looks bad enough to take it down, and each summer I am glad that I never quite got around to it. In the late season there are often these cool looking orange aphids. They never seem to do much harm. Chilean Jasmine is sold under both old and new names, Mandevilla laxa and Mandevilla suaveolens.

Mandevilla suaveolens, Chilean Jasmine

White flowers of Mandevilla suaveolens - Chilean Jasmine. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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