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Linaria vulgaris - Butter and Eggs, Yellow Toadflax

Linaria vulgaris is almost too pretty to call a weed but the Yellow Toadflax has become a pest in too many places to avoid that label. Yellowstone is rife with this plant as a pest, particularly around the more popular geyser basins. The Butter and Eggs or Common Toadflax is hardy and easy to grow and a bit prone to growing beyond its intended garden setting. Linaria vulgaris spreads at a moderate pace, even in poor soils with little or no additional water. The creamy white and yellow flowers bloom from Spring through hard frost. Linaria vulgaris is easily propagated by division and often recovers from being dug up. I mow Linaria vulgaris to ground level during the Winter. The Yellow Toadflax has naturalized in every state or province in North America.

Linaria vulgaris, butter and eggs, yellow toadflax

Yellow and white flowers of Linaria vulgaris - Butter and Eggs, Yellow Toadflax. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.