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Libertia peregrinans - New Zealand Iris

Libertia peregrinans is an eyecatcher to be sure. The New Zealand Iris has bright orange and green striped foliage. The small white flowers that show up in Spring are beautiful as well. Libertia peregrinans requires regular water, good drainage, good soil and seems to appreciate a little sun protection away from the coast. Libertia peregrinans picks up the warm colors with the low angle light approaching sunrise and sunset. All those good aspects to the plant yet I have had trouble keeping the New Zealand Iris going with a couple of spectacular exceptions. Where soil, light and irrigation have all matched up Libertia peregrinans is fantastic. Libertia peregrinans is pretty intolerant of heavy soils, so if you are stuck with difficult soil, try growing the New Zealand Iris in containers. Libertia peregrinans is hardy into the mid teens.

Libertia peregrinans, New Zealand Iris

Colorful orange striped foliage of Libertia peregrinans - New Zealand Iris. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.