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Leymus condensatus Canyon Prince - Giant Rye

Leymus condensatus Canyon Prince, with is broad blue silver leaves, stands out in the garden. Canyon Prince Giant Rye grows to 2 - 3 feet tall plus another foot of fruiting stalk. Leymus condensatus will slowly spread by underground runners gradually making a sizeable clump. Leymus condensatus Canyon Prince is quite drought tolerant once established but plants look better with semi-regular water. Leymus condensatus Canyon Prince will grow in a variety of soil types from the coast to inland gardens. The Canyon Prince Giant Rye will grow in full sun but is tolerate some light shade. Leymus condensatus is a fine addition to the California Native Garden or to the Perennial Border. Plants are Winter hardy into the low teens.

Leymus condensatus Canyon Prince, Canyon Prince Giant Rye

Silver foliage of Leymus condensatus Canyon Prince - Giant Rye. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.