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Leonotis menthifolia - Dwarf Lion's Tail

Leonotis menthifolia is a free flowering perennial or subshrub. The Dwarf Lion's Tail has fine fragrant foliage. Leonotis menthifolia primarily blooms Summer through Fall but in warmer winter gardens when it has not been sheared too heavily Leonotis menthifolia will bloom with orange flowers nearly year-round in a garden without frost. Leonotis menthifolia requires at least moderate drainage and will rot off in soggy heavy soils. Leonotis menthifolia seems at its best with some mid day sun protection and will perform well in well lit but continuously shady garden spots. Leonotis menthifolia works well as a long term container plant in the right conditions. Compared to the more commonly grown Leonotis leonurus, Leonotis menthifolia has roughly the same size but due to the smaller leaves has a finer texture. Hummingbirds love Leonotis menthifolia and will often stake one plan out and protect it like no other. Butterflies like the Mournful Duskywing, Spring Azure, White Checkered Skipper, Northern White Skipper, and Cloudless Sulfur will often be attracted too. Leonotis leonurus has a tough woody base while Leonotis menthifolia is more tender. Leonotis menthifolia will be set back with even a light frost and will need seasonal shearing. Leonotis menthifolia is Winter hardy into the mid 20°'s F.

Leonotis menthifolia, Dwarf Lion's Tail

Orange clusters of flowers and bit of foliage of Leonotis menthifolia - Dwarf Lion's Tail. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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