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Iris Black Gamecock * Louisiana Iris Black Gamecock

Iris Black Gamecock is one most successful of the Louisiana hybrids for California Gardens. Iris Black Gamecock grows well in a partially submerged pot in a pond or a moist garden setting but also puts on a nice show in a far more xeric setting. And when the drought chips are really down Iris Black Gamecock goes dormant, waiting it out through our dry Spring/Summer/Fall for conditions to improve. Iris Black Gamecock can put on 6" purple flowers and grow to 3 feet tall, with natural garden conditions Iris Black Gamecock tops out at a foot or so and has flowers half that size. If kept in a water conservative garden Iris Black Gamecock does best in partial to moderate shade. Grown in a Full Sun Garden near the coast a moist setting produces the best results. Iris Black Gamecock is hardy to zone 4, well below temperatures we will see in most of California.

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Iris Black Gamecock

Dark purple flowers of Iris Black Gamecock. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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