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Ilex Red Beauty - Red Beauty Holly

Holly plants are hardy sun or shade. Ilex Red Beauty is a beautiful mid sized variety. Ilex Red Beauty blooms with small white flowers in the Spring. But the real show is the Fall and Winter berries. Ilex Red Beauty is dioecious which is a fancy term to say that plants are male and female. Ilex Red Beauty is a female cultivar and needs a male within the range of the pollinators, probably bees, in order to produce berries. Holly was once a mainstay in Southern California Gardens. But this is not so assured these days. I was looking for a wood source for some Harry Potter Wands for my grandson's wand shop and struggled to find a holly plant. It took a while but I did eventually find one. Ilex Red Beauty is a well shaped shrub growing to 4-5 feet wide and 8+ feet tall. If you choose to prune Ilex Red Beauty I recommend using pruners rather than shears. The leaves last a number of years and show the marks of a hedge trimmer forever. Prune stray branches Spring into Summer, it doesn't take long to do it branch by branch. Ilex Red Beauty prefers regular irrigation but is a regular in forgotten gardens with well established plants surviving on what Southern California provides naturally. The red berries attract birds, particularly in winter. Ilex Red Beauty will need supplimental water to get established. Ilex Red Beauty grows in sun or shade, jetting new sprouts from the roots as it spreads. Ilex Red Beauty is Winter hardy into zone 6. Ilex Red Beauty is a classic for winter wreath fare.

Justicia carnea

Hot pink flowers and foliage of Justicia carnea - Brazilian Plume Plant. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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