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Hibbertia scandens - Guinea Gold Vine

Hibbertia scandens does terrifically in the banana belt of the inland valleys and can even take a little frost. In fact it grows far better inland here than near the coast. At the coast Hibbertia scandens often gets mites that scar the leaves to a silver color. In its native habitat Hibbertia scandens grows near the eastern Australian coast. Hibbertia scandens will tolerate a variety of soil types but require good drainage. The Guinea Gold Vine will grow tendrils that reach out a couple of feet a month and must be trimmed back to keep it under control. I use Hibbertia scandens for the showy yellow flowers and its ability to bloom in low light. The dark green leaves contrast well with the flowers and with other perennials too. Hibbertia scandens puts on new leaves rapidly enough that it can keep up with most pest problems. Some care should be taken to make sure that Hibbertia scandens does not swallow neighboring smaller plants. I keep a space between the Guinnea Gold vine and the rest of the plants, otherwise it is too much work to constantly be untangling the new shoots.

Hibbertia scandens, Guinea Gold Vine

Yellow flower and foliage of Hibbertia scandens - Guinea Gold Vine.