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Helianthemum nummelarium St. Mary's - White Sunrose

Helianthemum Saint Marys has single white flowers that contrast wonderfully with the green foliage. The biggest bloom is in the Spring but flowers are often present during much of the rest of the year. The Helianthemum varieties that have green foliage require light shade or some sun protection in the inland valleys. Cold weather is not likely to be a problem for the White Sunrose in our area. I plant Helianthemum Saint Mary's in light shade or in an eastern exposure. Like everything else it seems, Helianthemum's prefer perfect soil but they will perform pretty well in heavy soil as well.

Helianthemum St. Mary's White Sunrose

White flowers and foliage of Helianthemum St. Mary's - White Sunrose.

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