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Fuchsia thymifolia * Thyme Leafed Fuchsia

I grow this tender looking Fuchsia thymifolia in the shade. It's semi woody branches arch up to 3 feet and carry numerous 1/4" blooms. I use it for the fine foliage texture and the beautiful small red flowers that carry a familiar shape and a distinctly unfamiliar setting. Fuchsia thymifolia is so different from the large, often blousy, flowers of the popular hybrids. Fuchsia thymifolia will be damaged by frosty nights that fall below 25° F and killed in the low 20°s F. Fuchsia thymifolia grows well in a low to moderately to well watered garden.

Fuchsia thymifolia, Thyme Leafed Fuchsia

Flowers and foliage of Fuchsia thymifolia Thyme Leafed Fuchsia. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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