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Fragaria vesca Pineapple Crush - Alpine Strawberry

Fragaria vesca has been a food source since the Stone Age. The Alpine strawberries have largely escaped commercial production because of their small berries. But for the home grower and eater of berries the intense flavors of the Alpine Strawberries can't be beat. Fragaria Strawberry Crush has a rich strawberry flavor with just a hint of pineapple. Near the coast Fragaria Pineapple Crush is nearly ever-bearing. In our inland location the Alpine Strawberries pretty much shut down through the coldest months and then start up with the first warm spell. A couple of warm weeks in January and that was enough to get them going. The white flowers alone are enough to make my mouth water in anticipation. The white berries often escape the attention of berry poaching birds. Fragaria Pineapple Crush will throw a few runners out each Fall. I find this a little too slow and often take up a clump of berries and divide them each year to expand my patch and provide a few for some of the other gardens I tend.

Fragaria vesca Pineapple Crush, Alpine Strawberry

Ripe white Strawberries on Fragaria vesca Pineapple Crush - Alpine Strawberry. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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