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Escallonia Fradesii ~ Pink Escallonia

Escallonia Fradesii is a medium to large sized shrub and can be trimmed to be a small tree. The Pink Escallonia is often used for a hedge or screen. Escallonia Fradesii grows to 8-10 feet if left to its own devices. Escallonia Fradesii does well in Sun or Shade near the coast but will require some mid-day shade in hotter inland gardens. Escallonia Fradesii is not particular about soil types and is drought tolerant once established. A couple of deep soaks will keep it going through the summer in all but the driest settings. Escallonia Fradesii is prized for its glossy green leaves and pink flowers from late Spring through Fall. While often sheared this inhibits flower production and leaves leaf edges burnt so I usually hand prune the plant to a bit smaller than I want and allow it to flush out with clusters of flowers at the tips of the branches. Escallonia Fradesii is native to Chili and Argentina.

Escallonia Fradesii, Pink Escallonia

Flowers and foliage of Escallonia Fradesii the Pink Escallonia. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.