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Epipactis gigantea * Giant Stream Orchid, Giant Helleborine

Giant Stream Orchid likes it moist. I have seen Epipactis gigantea growing on a clump of soil in the middle of a stream in full sun. The most robust group of plants was found in deep shade on a seep. The Giant Helleborine will grow with considerably less water, but Epipactis gigantea needs some and regularly. The Giant Stream Orchid shows off its delicate purple flowers mid to late spring. Epipactis gigantea goes dormant in the winter. I make divisions of my plants at this time. Epipactis gigantea seems to prefer moving water. Plants absolutely do better without chlorinated water. You can get most of the chlorine out of your water by leaving it exposed to the air for 24 hours or more. I fill my watering can as I complete my watering so it can outgas the chlorine before I water the next time. Canada Post has included Epipactis gigantea in a collectable series of stamps. A photo that was formerly on this site was used for the artwork for that stamp


Epipactis gigantea, Giant Stream Orchid, Giant Helleborine

Flowers and foliage of Epipactis gigantea known as Giant Stream Orchid or Giant Helleborine. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.