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Encephalartos horridus ~ Blue Cycad

Encephalartos horridus is spectacular with its wicked looking blue leaves. The Blue Cycad is not as dangerous as it looks though the leaves can scratch you up a bit. Encephalartos horridus requires excellent drainage and is often best used as a container plant where the soil requirements can be controlled exactly. This slow growing cycad has a round base or head that slowly expands each year seemingly by only fractions of an inch. New leaves are produced in the early Spring. The new leaves are easily damaged by contact. Leaves grow 18-36" long. Encephalartos horridus occasionally produces pups and periodically exuberant cones. Plants do well in full sun or light shade but will start to turn green in darker conditions. Encephalartos horridus is native to South Africa. Plants are winter survivors into the mid to low 20°s, significant leaf damage starts at 25° F.

Encephalartos horridus, Blue Cycad

Wicked looking blue fronds of Encephalartos horridus Blue Cycad. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.