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Digitalis Illumination Flame

Digitalis Illumination Flame thrives in full sun to light shade. The flowers outer parts are red to dark pink with creamy yellow throats. Looking at a bed of flowers give me a sense of luminous orange even though almost no parts of the flower are that color. This hybrid foxglove is more compact than many of the species, growing a foot to a foot and a half wide and 2-3 feet tall. Digitalis Illumination Flame needs good soil and regular moisture. Plants will bloom from early Spring through Fall. The plants are poisonous and should not be planted where this could be a problem. Digitalis Illumination Flame is Winter hardy to zone 8.

Digitalis Illumination Flame, Illumination Flame Foxglove

Flowers and foliage of Digitalis Illumination Flame - Illumination Flame Foxglove. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.