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Delosperma cooperi, Mesembryanthemum cooperi - Trailing Iceplant

Delospermum cooperi can be seen for miles when it is in bloom. The Trailing Iceplant is a commonly used groundcover and may still be found under its old name Mesembryanthemum cooperi. When in full bloom the electric pink/purple flowers seem like a solid mass of color. Delospermum cooperi grows to a few inches tall and spreads in a mat several feet rooting as it goes. Delospermum cooperi can trail over walls and look quite pretty. The bloom period for Delospermum cooperi is in the mid to late Spring. The grey green leaves are a drab background for the remainder of the season. Delospermum cooperi never gets quite thick enough to block out all of the weeds and does not take traffic very well. The Trailing Iceplant has shallow roots and while it is often used for slope stabilization it fares poorly on steep slopes and at times contributes to the failure of the slope.

Oscularia deltoides, Pink Iceplant

Pink flowers of Oscularia deltoides - Pink Iceplant. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

Oscularia deltoides, Pink Iceplant

Succulent silver foliage and pink flowers of Oscularia deltoides - Pink Iceplant.