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Dasylirion wheeleri ~ Desert Spoon, Blue Sotol

Dasylirion wheeleri is a sturdy addition to the drought tolerant garden. The Desert Spoon is native to the deserts from Arizona through to Texas and into Northern Mexico. Dasylirion wheeleri has fine teeth on the margins of the blue gray leaves. The plants typically 3-5 feet tall and wide. If the lower leaves are removed the Desert Spoon can develop a woody trunk. The Blue Sotol blooms every few years in the Summer. Unlike Agave the Desert Spoon can bloom multiple times through its lifetime. The yellow flowers are small and tightly clustered on slender stalks that can exceed 10' tall. Dasylirion wheeleri has been used for basketry, mats, and a fermented beverage. Dasylirion wheeleri is Winter hardy in to the single digits.

Dasylirion wheeleri, Blue Sotol, Desert Spoon

Flowers and foliage of Dasylirion wheeleri known as Blue Sotol or Desert Spoon. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.