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Cuphea micropetala * Candy Corn Plant

Cuphea micropetala attracts hummingbirds like no other, the hummers have wars over the yellow fading to orange flowers of the Candy Corn Plant. The long tubular flowers of Cuphea micropetala are perfectly suited for their long bills. The colors draw them in as well. I have seen 5 hummingbirds in one big dog fight to see who gets sipping rights of the nectar of these flowers, and they are prolific nectar producers. This is a must for the hummingbird garden. The plants slowly spread by runners. Because they are woody it is hard to push them back. They are hardy into the teens but the above ground growth will die back in the mid 20°s F. The main blooming season is in the late summer and Fall. In colder areas the first frost can come before the flowers open. Cuphea David Verity is a variety with one of its parents being Cuphea micropetala and the other being Cuphea ignea. Cuphea David Verity has a significantly longer blooming period than Cuphea micropetala.

Cuphea micropetala, Candy Corn Plant

Flowers and foliage of Cuphea micropetala known as Candy Corn Plant. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.