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Crocus vernus - Spring Crocus, Giant Crocus, Dutch Crocus

Crocus vernus is one of the most garden ready bulbs available. Crocus vernus blooms in the early Spring. This works to the common name Spring Crocus. The flowers vary from white to purple and are as giant as the Giant Crocus name implies, dwarfing the grassy foliage. The Dutch hybridized this species and there are many cultivars on the market and more naturalized in gardens over the years. Crocus vernus is native to the mountains of eastern Europe and Western Russia. Crocus vernus is widly tolerant of garden conditions so long as they are not soggy. Crocus vernus may be reluctant in heavy clay soils but if allowed to dry out during the summer while they are dormant they may still persist. Crocus vernus prefers sharply drained soils and dry summer conditions. Plant Crocus vernus in full sun. Crocus vernus is hardy well into the single digits F.

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Crocus Vernus, Spring Crocus, Giant Crocus Dutch Crocus

Purple striped flowers of Crocus vernus - Spring Crocus, Giant Crocus, Dutch Crocus. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.