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Chrysactinia mexicana - Damianita

Chrysactinia mexicana is a small yellow flowering shrubby composite with fine green aromatic foliage. Damianita flowers from Spring into Fall. Chrysactinia mexicana is native to the Deserts of Texas, New Mexico and Northern Mexico where it lives on poor soils with great drainage. Chrysactinia mexicana is a great small shrub 2 feet x 2 feet for a hot sunny spot. In its native habitat Damianita is the green foliage mixed with the cacti and succulents, it will look very appropriate in a spot like this in your garden. Chrysactinia mexicana is winter hardy to temperatures down to 10-15°F. Chrysactinia mexicana is a fine addition to the Desert Butterfly Garden attracting White Checkered Skipper, Northern White Skipper, California Common Ringlet, Mormon Metalmark, Hedgerow Hairstreak, and the Painted Lady Butterflies as they migrate through.

Chrysactinia mexicana, Damianita

Yellow flowers and small linear green aromatic leaves of Chrysactinia mexicana - Damiania. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.