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Carex morrowii * Variegated Japanese Sedge

I use this Carex morrowii extensively to light up a shady section. While not a true grass it has the foliage. Carex morrowii has not been nearly as invasive as many of the sedges are want to be. I have it growing under oaks. It needs little additional water and handles the traffic around our hammock very well. Carex morrowii has not been damaged even when the weather got down to 16 degrees and froze our pond. There are so few plants that look great all year and work in the shade without much water. Carex morrowii is a potential larval food for the California Common Ringlet butterfly.

Carex morrowii, Variegated Japanese Sedge

Variegated foliage of Carex morrowii - Variegated Japanese Sedge.