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Carex flacca * Blue Sedge, Heath Sedge

I keep Carex flacca contained, either directly by planting it in a pot or by surrounding the Blue Sedge with dry space. Blue sedge spreads by sending out underground stolons, not too far with each leap, but quickly enough that I get concerned about keeping it in check and struggle to keep it from invading pathways or lawns. I periodically dig around the edges of the clump much like you might edge a lawn. Frost will kill off the top of the Blue Sedge in the low 20's but it is hardy to -10°F. I like to put Carex flacca in moister sections of a grey garden. The Blue Sedge stays low and can form a great groundcover between specimen plants when you can let it roam. Carex flacca will look best with an annual trimming to near the ground as the new shoots start in late Winter. Carex flacca is a potential larval food for the California Common Ringlet butterfly.

Carex flacca, Blue Sedge, Heath Sedge

Blue-grey grasslike foliage of Carex flacca the Blue Sedge or Heath Sedge. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.