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Calylophus drummondii ~ Texas Primrose, Squarebud Primrose (syn. Calylophus drummondianus)

Calylophus drummondii bears a profusion of yellow flowers for a large portion of the year in spite of low water, and a hot spot in the garden. Our Texas Primrose plants have bloomed from early Spring well into Summer then repeat bloomed in the Fall. Calylophys drummondii drops its dead flowers and is about as low maintenance as you can get for such a high color plant. Calylophus drummondii grows to 6" tall and spreads to a foot or more. Calylophus drummondii is hardy to below 0° F.

Calylophus drummondii, Texas Primrose

Flowers and foliage of Callophus drummondii the Texas Primrose. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.