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Calliandra tweedii ~ Trinidad Flame Bush, Red Tassel Bush, Brazilian Flame Bush

Calliandra tweedii is spectacular when planted in the right place and under the right conditions. Calliandra tweedii prefers slightly acid soil and reasonable drainage. If the soil becomes at all alkaline from hard water the leaves bleach out and the plant does not grow. Calliandra tweedii is rather tender and will suffer from frost damage if the temperatures drop significantly below freezing. Because the Red Tassel Bush is slow growing and finely textured it can be sculpted into a beautiful miniature tree. The red flowers are spectacular and attract hummingbirds. Calliandra tweedii is also known as the Brazilian Flame Bush, and the Trinidad Flame Bush. Butterflies likely to sip nectar from Calliandra eriophylla include the Monarch, Cloudless Sulfur, California Dogface, Gray Hairstreak, Sara Orangetip, and the Spring Azure

Calliandra tweedii, Red Tassel Bush

Flowers and foliage of Calliandra tweedii known as the Red Tassel Bush, Trinidad Flame Bush, or Brazilian Flame Bush. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.

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