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Brodiaea Rudy - Triteleia Rudy, Triplet Lily

Brodiaea Rudy is now Triteleia Rudy but the majority of the nurseries have not yet gone with the new name. Brodiaea Rudy blooms in the Spring. Brodiaea Rudy is spectacular with its star shaped blue and white striped flowers. The flowers hold up well as cut flowers. Plants are a little more than a foot tall. Brodiaea Rudy prefers moist well drained soil when growing and dry conditions when dormant. Brodiaea Rudy will naturalize in many gardens. Brodiaea is winter hardy into the low 20s° F. Brodiaea Rudy will tolerate partial shade but is best in a sunny part of the garden. The Sara Orangetip will stop in for nectar.

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Brodiaea Rudy, Triteleia Rudy

Flowers of the Brodiaea Rudy the Triplet Lily. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.