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Aristolochia littoralis ~ Calico Flower

Aristolochia littoralis is much hardier than it looks. The Calico Flower has survived in the ground in our garden at temperatures in the low teens. Everything above the ground completely dies back and then sprouts back in the Spring, but for a flower like this it is worth the trouble and wait. In our area Calico Flower can be expected to produce 5-10 feet of new growth each year. The roots are a little tuberous. Aristolochia littoralis is fertile from seed. The common name for the family is Birthwort. I am sure this has more to do with the medicinal uses than its own fertility which is impressive. Aristolochia littoralis grows 2" deep red flowers that are just plain unusual. That makes it entertaining in any garden. Attract the Pipevine Swallowtail to your Butterfly Garden.

Aristolochia littoralis, Calico Flower

Flowers and foliage of Aristolochia littoralis the Calico Flower. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.