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Apocynum cannabinum - Dogbane, Indian Hemp

Apocynum cannabinum has a wide ranging history of ethnobotanical use. Dogbane has both medicinal value and was used for cordage and in basketry. Apocynum cannabinum is toxic to livestock and people that don't prepare it properly for medicial use. Indian Hemp is in the Milkweed Family. Apocynum cannabinum blooms with small white flowers from Spring into Summer. Dogbane can be found in areas that are moist in the winter and dry out during the summer. Apocynum cannabinum forms a spreading clump that can eventually extend 10's of feet. Apocynum cannabinum grows two to three feet tall and dies back to the ground as the season progresses. Apocynum cannabinum is native to much of the US and southern Canada. Indian hemp is a great addition to the butterfly garden, attracting Checkerspots, Painted Ladies, Fritillaries, Skippers, Acmon Blue, Mormon Metalmark, and Swallowtails. Apocynum cannabinum is happy in heavy damp soil during the rainy season but let it dry out for the Summer..

Apocynum cannabinum, Dogbane, Indian Hemp

Flowers and foliage of Apocynum cannabinum the Dogbane or Indian Hemp. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.