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Ajuga reptans Catlin's Giant - Catlin's Giant Bugleweed

Ajuga reptans Catlin's Giant is hardy enough to survive the dog, the Frisbee, and the kid that follows them both, and can still come on looking great. Then you need to put that plant in a dark shady spot that never dries out. Ajuga will be in heaven. The blue flower spikes on Ajuga Catlin's Giant are 6" tall and the leaves are a lush green. I have just that circumstance alongside my driveway. Ajuga Catlin's Giant is sturdy enough that it has all of the competition in this dark and often boggy section of my yard. People often try to plant a lawn on the North side of the house. Grass doesn't ever look good in the shade. Ajuga Catlin's Giant could replace some of that shaded section of grass and add some beauty to the landscape.

Ajuga reptans Catlin's Giant

Flowers and foliage of Ajuga Catlin's Giant. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.