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Sinningia cardinalis ~ Cardinal Flower

Sinningia cardinalis is related to the African Violets and Gloxinias. It looks super tender but is hardier than that. The Cardinal Flower can has slender 2" brilliant red flowers from late Winter through to mid summer. Sinningia cardinalis does best with good drainage and a shady protected spot in the garden. The Cardinal Flower can withstand some sun, particularly closer to the coast. The woody caudex stores up for tough times. The large leaves are almost succulent and fuzzy. Sinningia cardinalis is vulnerable to even a light frost. The plants are often brought indoors for the winter or used as a houseplant much like the related African Violets.

Sinningia cardinalis, Cardinal Flower

Brilliant red flowers of Sinningia cardinalis Cardinal Flower. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.