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Salvia gesneriiflora * Mexican Scarlet Sage

Salvia gesneriiflora is a lush tropical sage growing in both sun and shade. Salvia gesneriifolia gets about 12 feet tall and 10 feet across. It suffered foliage damage at 20° F but came back vigorously. It does everything vigorously. It grows well in most soils. Salvia gesneriiflora is such a enthusiastic grower that it should be used only where its grandiose intentions will not be irritating. I have used Salvia gesneriiflora in the darkest garden locations and still gotten blooms. The bright red blooms and dark calyxes will brighten up even the most drab corner. If it is growing it is blooming. Ours was knocked back to 3 inch wood at 16 degrees F a few of winters back and then came back strong. Salvia gesneriiflora is native to the mountains of Mexico up to an altitude of 10,000 feet. Salvia gesneriiflora is a great addition to the butterfly garden as well as the hummingbird garden. Salvia gesneriiflora and Salvia guaranitica are parents of Salvia Purple Majesty released by Huntington Gardens in the 80's

Salvia gesneriiflora, Mexican Scarlet Sage

Flowers and foliage of Salvia gesneriiflora, Mexican Scarlet Sage. High resolution photos are part of our garden image collection.